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Motion Controlled Toilet RGB Night Light

Motion Controlled Toilet RGB Night Light

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Illuminate your nighttime bathroom visits providing convenience and ambiance when you need it most.
Our Motion Controlled Toilet RGB Night Light is the perfect solution for those late-night trips to the bathroom. Say goodbye to stumbling in the dark or harsh overhead lights jolting you awake. With its motion-sensing technology and vibrant color options, our night light adds a touch of convenience and soothing ambiance to your nighttime bathroom experience, ensuring safety and tranquility every step of the way.

Motion-Activated Sensor:
Equipped with a highly sensitive motion sensor, our night light detects your presence as you enter the bathroom, automatically turning on and illuminating your toilet area. No more fumbling for light switches or disturbing your sleep with bright lights.

RGB Color Options:
Choose from a wide array of vibrant colors to suit your mood or preference. From relaxing blues to calming greens and energizing reds, our night light lets you create the perfect ambiance to enhance your nighttime bathroom experience.

Adjustable Brightness:
Control the brightness level of the night light to ensure optimal illumination without being too harsh or dim. Find the perfect balance that allows you to navigate the bathroom comfortably, while still maintaining a peaceful atmosphere.

Easy Installation:
Our night light attaches effortlessly to the side of your toilet bowl using a secure and adjustable mounting mechanism. The compact and lightweight design makes installation a breeze, with no tools required.

Designed to be energy-conscious, our night light uses LED technology, consuming minimal power while providing long-lasting illumination. Enjoy the convenience of a motion-activated light without worrying about excessive energy usage.

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